You’d think it was Christmas.

Between the baking, shopping, and just generally lazing around that’s been done today, and the fact in just under 2.5 hours there will be hockey on at least one TV set, you’d certainly get that impression. But, no, this is just our premature thanksgiving dinner, done tonight rather than Monday when it traditionally would be done because tonight’s the only night wherein people will actually be home. We’ve almost been going non-stop since early-ish this morning–when we do something like this, we generally like to overdo it. Translation: there will be food left over to feed a family twice our size for a week. There’s usually plenty to do, and we often don’t have to worry about everyone not finding something with which to keep themselves busy. That I have time to sit here and write this surprises me, really. It’s a little out of the ordinary, how we’re doing it this year, but oh well. All that means is come Monday, it’ll be just another day for us, and we’ll be ready for the grind that is going to be the next week. I have a feeling I’m going to be quite thankful when Friday gets back around to us…

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