Well, I didn’t get as much posting to Twitter done yesterday as I’d planned, but fortunately not a whole lot happened after going to Pembroke. We picked Jess (samari76) up at the bus stop yesterday morning, and headed out to my mom’s for the day. She and my aunt took us out for breakfast/lunch/whatever, then we generally shot the shit for a bit. Jessica hadn’t gotten a whole lot of sleep on the way up here, and had pretty much been up for 30 or so hours straight at that point so was starting to get a little bit run down. Honestly, I was getting a tiny bit tired myself. So we grabbed a nap for a couple hours, went back out to talk some more with mom, then made our way back to the apartment. By 11:00, early for both of us on a typical day and especially on a weekend, we were both out cold. Got up again at about 6:30 this morning, and have basicly been lazing around the place for the morning thus far. Jess still needed to catch up on her sleep after basicly going without it for almost 2 days, so she went back to bed. I’ll probably run in real quick in a minute to check in on her, but I don’t really expect to see her up and mobile until about noon, give or take.

Completely unrelated, but it just came up. Someone thought it’d be fun to call me out in a comment to a month old entry and then go back in and delete it. Yeah, really putting it out there.

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One response to “*half-yawns*”

  1. Did you see the actual comment?
    if not, I show it here for you to laugh at, or bitch-slap the asshole.
    this was left by Casey (phalanx_burn), I got it in my inbox because he replied to my comment.

     Subject: Since James Doesn’t Like To Hide Things

      Perhaps he should tell you that he tried to start a romantic relationship

      with my wife, upto and including late night phone sex calls. The dude is

      a fucking fraud, and I hope his new girlfriend or whatever figures it out

      pretty fucking fast.

      Oh and the friend he is talking about is my wife Momallrat. Glad you all

      are such good freinds.

    believe me, I was all kinds of wtf? over this one.
    Random, did you get my IM? I know you’re hella busy, so there’s no rush, but I was hoping to fix this at some point soon.
    oh, and, in like a week, I will have an accessible cell phone! I can has texting with you, plz? haha.
    right, done now. have fun introducing jess around, you know I wish I could come up there. Someday, I will.

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