I dun wanna wake up yet…

I really don’t care how many more times I have to be out the door at 6:30 AM. I’m not gonna be any more used to it or any more open to the idea that mornings = tons of awesome. And I even did that thing I so rarely do and actually went to bed at what to most people would be considered reasonable. I blame the fact I was rather enjoying the lazy. As expected, I did all manner of absolutely nothing yesterday. Bothered people on IM, made a phone call or two, and was just all kinds of flakey for the majority of the day. So basicly, no different from me normally. And then, possibly because I actually went to bed reasonably early, my fucked up sleep routine decided that I’d be up again at 1:30. And then 3. And then 5. Fortunately I’m usually up at 5 so it was motivation to drag my ass out of bed. When they finally fire me, there is going to be a conversation had internally. James versus internal sleep schedule, round 54973. But in the meantime, fuck, do I have to go to work?

PS: Momallrat and samari76, sorry I missed ya both last night. The malfunction will be corrected if you’re around when I get home.


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