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The pre-new years eve sellebration, plus a nifty challenge.

We have wicked awesome timing. You might even say we know all too well how to have fun. We had a little of that fun last night. I’d had a little alcoholic goodness left over from a previous spin of relaxation a while ago, so we cracked it open. A little music, a little dancing, and a little drinking killed the majority of the night. There wasn’t anything else going on around these parts, so we just kicked it here. We were craving wings, Mcdonalds and a few other things, but of course, lovely little Petawawa being what it is, that lead to about… oh… not a damn thing. Still, we had all manner of crazy fun. By the time the sun came back up this morning, one of us was contemplating sleep. And the other was contemplating a personal challenge.

That challenge, mostly of a random nature, was to see if going past the official count of New years without sleep could actually be accomplished. And the one taking that challenge was yours truely. Strange, perhaps. Borderline insane, well, maybe. Crazy? Well, you be the judge. I have no idea if it’ll actually happen, or if I’ll end up passing out by 1:00 PM. If you see Jess pop up on Twitter about waking me up, you’ll know it didn’t work. As for right now? I’m going to find me some caffeine or something.


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