It is officially official.

In less than half an hour, I leave to go grab Jess (samari76) from the bus station, and then we book it for Pembroke. The mother thing will be the third person to be introduced to her today, after my cousin and her husband, who are being my wheels for the purposes of retrieving the ariving passenger. I’ll admit to a tiny bit of nervousness, but I’m sure that’ll mostly go away after I’m finished this cup of coffee. As usual, the phone will be on me. So if needed, fire a text at me or call. Also as usual, I’ll still be updating throughout the day via Twitter, seeing as email posting from my phone is a pain in the ass and I just won’t be doing it until I get my next one. You can follow it if and when it gets posted to LJ, or in realtime here. We’ll both be back here at some point tonight, though online presence will be questionable as she’ll be exhausted from the trip plus going to Pembroke, and me, well, I’ll have company. Cope.

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