I’ve graduated!

Well, sort of. Y’see, I’m slowly beginning my exit from the coughy mchackencough school of hell, and instead I’ve enrolled in sniffle mcsneezy university. What 2 days ago was a semi-irritating chest thing is apparently morphing into a wicked evil head cold of d00m. Same thing happened with the motherling, which only confirms whatever this thing is was obtained either directly from or at the same time as her. Fortunately, this phase of whatever it is I got stuck with waited until now to show itself, as opposed to Thursday, so I didn’t need to go into the interview with a pocket full of tissues and a constant appology. Also in slightly bright-side-ish news, I usually kill colds relatively quickly. So whatever it is that’s making the rounds probably has another day or two at most. Which is just awesome, because while it’s not the cold itself that usually bothers me, it’s being restricted to remain near a source of tissue of some variety that does. I don’t often wind up sick with anything, but when I do, it’s usually one hell of a knockout punch. I think I’ve managed the worst of it though. Now if we can just convince the rest of it to get the hell out of me a little tiny bit faster, I’ll be absolutely extatic.

And, in unrelated news, because this entry can’t *all* be whining about the fact I have become sniffle mcsneezy, I’ve heard absolutely nothing thus far regarding said interview. I was supposed to hear something by end of day yesterday, but that didn’t end up happening. Figure I’ll give them a little bit more time, and if I hear nothing still, there will be a bus ticket purchased, and a girlfriend paid long overdue attention to. As for right now, though? I believe I need a coke.

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