Things that must be done pre-road trip, in no particular order.

And maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll get around to actually doing said things.

  • Toss laundry in the machine
  • Go through stuff I haven’t unpacked yet from the trip to the parentals’
  • Unpack anything I might need, and pack it with the road trip stuff
  • Wash anything I forgot I didn’t wash before coming back here (hey, it happens)
  • Go clean out the downstairs mailbox, so the mail I won’t be collecting for the next two weeks has somewhere to collect dust
  • Double check my schedule
  • Double check my mother’s schedule
  • Get a straight answer out of said mother as to when she’ll be here, with whom and for how long
  • Get dishes out of the way
  • File yet another unemployment report (I’m really getting tired of doing that)
  • Charge my cell phone
  • Run by the bank
  • Find my sanity, if I have any left

Gawd, in a way I’m glad I’m not moving. Life, thy name shall be chaos.

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