Road trippin’!

It’s only as far as Pembroke, and it’s only for the weekend, but… eh. Whatcha gonna do? I go bother the parentals tonight, come back late-ish on Sunday. I’ll try to post a time or 6. But, y’know. If not, I might actually stick to updating twitter for a bloody change. We leave at some point after Trish and her husband get off work. I are already packed and whatnot. Yes, I know, you can faint now. I’m actually not slacking for a change. Now all I need to do is, well, um, not a damn thing. Damn that feels good. I go feed myself now.

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2 responses to “Road trippin’!”

  1. And here I was thinking you’d finally gotten greyhound to play nice. Damn!
    I’ll IM you when I get home and hopefully we can talk if you’re still there.

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