Road trippin!

As some of you know, and most of you don’t particularly care, my brother joined the military a few months back. And, as I said then and continue to say now, lord have mercy on this and every other country–they let that man control things that go boom. Okay, requisit jab at my brother aside, we went to see his and my cousin’s graduation cerimony thing in Quebec yesterday. Well, okay, so we actually went there on Wednesday but the thing wasn’t until yesterday. Sue me. So now he and my cousin, both of whom I would absolutely not want to be near if firearms are involved, are officially soldiers in the Canadian armed forces–also known as those guys with the 30-year-old equipment. The military isn’t anything new for us. I mean, I have two uncles and a father who were in the military for upwards of 19-20 years, and one uncle who’s still there–he’s one of the two, just so we’re all on the same page over here. But there’s something a little different when you actually get to witness two people being recognised as actually being part of the forces after their training. Or maybe the difference is that for the first time in my life I find myself wondering if municipal roads can actually *be* health hazards. I will point out right now, if ever you find yourself driving through Montreal, get out and walk. You’ll actually get there in under 3 hours. *And* your body will thank you. Some of those roads I swear to you felt like a 20-year-old rolercoaster I decided on my last trip to Canada’s Wonderland I’ve subjected myself to for the last goddamn time. I find myself more and more convinced, too, that the sooner Quebec seperates, the better. That topic of conversation actually came up while we were there, and it was sort of decided amongst all parties–Quebec is done. It will seperate, and it will subsequently be cut off from all federally provided funding, services and other projects. The Blocke Quebecois will also be disbanded as a federal party. And then we’ll all sit back and watch the natural disaster that’ll be the result. Hey, it might as well… I already felt like a foreigner for the 24 hours or so I was actually there. Why not?


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