I remember.

Ordinarily, I don’t really pay much mind to the whole rememberence day thing. I mean, I know its importance and everything, but I suppose until recently, it just… never really made much of a difference from where I sat. So what’s changed? Well, before, the only people I might possibly have known who I felt deserved this day, I never actually met. One of those was my great grandfather, who died just after the first world war–to put it in perspective, my grandfather was a kid, then. So needless to say I never knew the guy. My dad and one of my uncles are former millitary. I have an uncle who’s still in the millitary, and currently serving in Afghanistan. My brother and one of my cousins are going through basic training, and they could end up in Afghanistan or elsewhere. I won’t say that bothers me–they said themselves that’s one of the reasons they joined–but it does give a day like this a whole new meaning for me. Although, I’d be lying if I said some small part of me didn’t hope one of these ceremonies isn’t all we’re gonna have left of either of them.


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