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Does anyone remember playing dodgeball in highschool?

I’m assuming the answer to that is a resounding yes. Now, add to the mix, in place of the odd idiot who’ll just accidentally on purpose whip the ball at your head (never happened to me, but I’ve seen it happen), several idiots with shopping carts who’re concentrating more on attempting desperately to control their misbehaving children than, you know, watching where they’re going. You can see where this is heading, and quickly. This would be why I avoid going to Wallmart on a weekend if at all possible. The place is hard enough to navigate on a good day, never mind trying to do that *and* dodge morons who should not be allowed to push a shopping cart. And I’m talking about trying to navigate around that with sight… no way in hell will I bother doing that on my own. And that’s saying something, because… well, me asking for help with something just… doesn’t happen often. And just to make it more interesting, we had to dodge a kid or two who’s parents seem to have lost all control of them. Which is why you should not bring your children to Wallmart. At least, not when the goal is to teach them to be better behaved. It makes you look like an idiot, and it pisses those of us who don’t have children and do have things to get accomplished before we turn 90 right the hell off. Just food for thought. ‘Cuz I still have to do the thinking for some people around here.


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  1. LMAO! You kill me!
    I always wonder why I’m the only parent whose children are mostly well-behaved when out and about. (Don’t get me wrong-we’ve had moments!) Maybe its the rules speech he gets when we are getting out of the car? I mean, WTF? Who is the parent?
    Plus, I have the whole idea of “if you’re not goin to listen, then we’re outta here”. It works. You won’t see my kid running around wild in a store.
    Yep, I’m proud of that. And considering what we see at the stores with other parents, I think I have a right.
    Case in point: Friday at the grocery store, some 3 year old kid and his 10 year old sister were running around like banshees at the checkout counter. Their Mom was talking to Viji (real name), the checkout lady. Michael, Piper and I were checking ourselves out at the next lane over. Michael straight up points to them and says (in a very loud voice, of course) “Those kids are naughty. They don’t listen to their mommy.” I told him she had it under control and to mind his own business (in not so many words), but I also realized that if *my* kid is pointing out other kids not behaving, he must know what’s right and wrong, right?
    Ok, here I’ve hijacked your blog, and all I really meant to say is: Yep, you’re right. Control your damn kids, people. LOL

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