They’re playing with semantics again.

So first, Quebec is a nation. Then, Quebec is not actually a nation, just its own separate entity within Canada. Then, it’s a nation as a society or however the hell the liberals kinda half-assed put it as. And now, thanks to mister Harper, we’re back to quebec is a nation within Canada again. I really wish people would make up their minds–then actually do something about it. Like, you know, give Quebec its status as a nation, then politely tell them to butt the fuck out of the rest of Canada’s affairs. I already mentioned my feelings regarding that, but this latest bout of stupidity warrants a second mention. Sure, okay. So let Quebec do the being its own nation thing. Except… where they expect to still have a say in Canada’s policies as a whole, tell ’em to stuff it. They’ve been kicking and screaming for years to be able to do their own thing. I honestly probably wouldn’t notice one way or the other if it actually happened that way. Except, perhaps, the little kids screaming in the back will shut up.

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