This would surprise me if it wasn’t Quebec.

And now, Quebec gets to prove it can be the exception not because they’re different/better than the rest of Canada, but because they’re fucking morons. An explanation:

  • The legal drinking age everywhere in Canada is 19. Except Quebec.
  • Everywhere else in Canada, you can actually make a right hand turn on a red light. Except Quebec.
  • In Canada, English is the primary language spoken in most/all businesses. Except in Quebec.
  • Canada has acknowledged our constitution as of 1982 at the latest. Except for Quebec.
  • Canadian governments are smart enough to understand that the cost of living will go up whether we want it to or not, and have planned for the most part to increase the minimum wage accordingly. Except Quebec.

Are we noticing a patern, here? I think so. Counting the days until Quebec finally seperates… the US can have ’em. I don’t want ’em anymore.

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