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If Quebec is a nation, then yall can stop running mine.

I’ve heard way too much already about the debate as to whether or not Quebec should seperate or stick with the rest of Canada, and quite frankly, either way, I could really care less. I have no reason to bother with Quebec, I have no reason so far to bother learning french. I used to know it, then you know, I lived in BC for like 3 years and it all went to hell in a handbag. But I’m getting off-topic already. So apparently the Quebec wing of the liberal party just passed a motion recognising Quebec as a nation. I say, then, good on them. So Quebec is now a country in and of itself, according to them. Well, in that case, they can pack up their shit and pull out of the debate to run my country. Because, to be perfectly honest, as much as I don’t care either way for it, if it all pans out and Quebec ends up becoming a nation in and of itself, then IMHO they give up their Canadian citizenship, in favour of a *Quebec* citizenship, and if they want to keep their Canadian citizenship they should have to go through the same damn red tape as any other immigrant. And all these lunatics who’re running for national political parties and screaming about how Quebec doesn’t belong to the rest of Canada should form their own damn national parties for the sake of governing Quebec, and let someone who gives a damn about the rest of us take their place. Let me say right here and now I have no problem with Quebec, with people from Quebec, with the french language, or anything like that. But for crying out loud if you’re gonna scream seperation, then at least do it while not occupying a seat in the national parliament that would be better occupied doing something that’s actually going to help the rest of Canada. There’s a reason, folks, why we don’t hear much out of the Block Quebecois except vaguely when election time comes around. No one outside of Quebec probably even cares whether they stay or go. But if they’re gonna go, then… see ya. Stop beating a dead horse and just get it over with already. And by the way, when Quebec does finally seperate, if it happens, I really hope it forces the disbandment of parties like the Block Quebecois. If they wanna run their own country… they’ve got no place here. Bye.


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  1. You have it wrong. The motion is calling the Quebecois a nation, not Quebec. So essentially, it’s a symbol credence to that the descendants of the old French colony are not French, but Canadian; that Quebecers are on the same level that the or descendents of the orginal make up a culture/nation within the US, but Americans don’t emblace such ideas. I’m Canadian, not American.

  2. It’s semantics. Plain and simple. And it’s ridiculous, also plain and simple. There is no nation within Canada. There is the nation *of* Canada, but that’s about it. And the only reason the Block Quebecois signed onto this is it’s the closest they’re gonna get to what they actually want without completely shooting themselves in the foot. Again.

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