I didn’t think they’d leave it alone.

Way back when, I ranted the hell out of the prospect of Quebec actually being considered a nation. And I distinctly remember saying if and when that day gets here, they should have no say whatsoever in how the *rest* of Canada is run. So what’s the Bloc Quebecois go and do now? Why, they decide that rather than just cutting themselves off from the rest of the country and getting it over with, parliament should instead bend over backwards and just kinda rewrite a handful of laws/bills/what have you, including the federal labour code, to basicly say the official language of Canada, that being the only language that actually matters to most Canadians not stuck in the past, is only applicable outside of Quebec. Yet another “except for Quebec” rule, not entirely unlike just about every other law they’ve managed to push through–minimum wage, anyone? Call me prejudiced if it makes you feel better, but… really, either shit or get off the pot. either follow Canada’s rules and regulations *as they’re written*, and as they’ve been written for, like, ages, or get out. And take Gilles Duceppe and his backwards party with you.


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