Now the NDP thinks it knows what Canadians want.

Harper says we can’t spare the troops for Lebanon, Layton says we can. And James says who cares? Canada’s millitary spends more time overseas lately than they actually do *in* Canada. Yeah, yeah, I’m well aware we have a rep to keep up as peacekeepers. But Christ almighty, enough is enough. Just because we can spare the 1200 people to send to Lebanon does not mean we should. In fact, that we can *only* spare 1200 people to send to Lebanon is, in my honest opinion, exactly why we shouldn’t. I tell you right now as part of a millitary family, though not having actually been *in* the millitary, 1200 people are not gonna make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. If this supposed peacekeeping mission goes south, it’s gonna go south whether that small gathering of troops from an already stretched thin country is there or not. Keep this up, folks. I wonder how an independant victory would work in the overall election picture. If enough of these fools keep making decisions like that we may yet find out.


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