And you thought I’d go 2 days without blogging.

Heh, yeah, that could happen. Because I have such a crammed schedule and all. Well, I was just going to leave some vague entry up here about how absolutely nothing happened, but then I had to go find an excuse to do what I do best; bitch about stupidity. So, long story short, I did nothing yesterday, and didn’t sleep last night. It was much fun. And now, on to my bitching of a fit. Those who don’t want to read any farther, take a quiz.
Okay, so everyone knows te US and its allies–which, now, unfortunately, includes Canada–are on the hugest pro-democracy kick ever known to exist. Well, okay, I don’t agree with forcing our way of life on anyone, but that’s neither here nor there. So, what does Israel’s bonehead army go and do? Why, capture a legitimate member of Palastine’s government, of course. Thus, not proving anything except that they will do what they want, when they want, and with who they want, as long as they have US support. And, as luck would so have it, the odds of Bush actually calling off his new bloodhounds are next to nill. And, of course, like the lost puppy he is, Harper won’t do a damn thing about it because he’d rather cozy up with Bush and screw us all over. And never mind the whole Lebanon situation, now… even if there was to be a ceasefire put in place (ha, not likely) it’s *way* too late for it to do a hell of a lot of good, now. Unless the UN wants to go in and pull the two sides apart like a couple kids hell bent on strangling each other. Well, on the bright side, Harper’s saying we won’t be contributing any of our millitary to any international force that might be headed over there; we’re spread thin enough already, what with afganistan (spelling, I know… sue me), people probably still in bosnia, and… wherever the hell else we’ve got people–it gets hard to keep track after a while. But, on the not so bright side, Harper isn’t doing anything else to help out yet, either. Like, you know… stop agreeing with the US. If I haulled out a “Steven Harper has to go” petition, would it actually get signed?

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