Holy hell.

This is the first time I’ve actually been able to sit down since, well, this morning. I mean, there was the span of like… 10 minutes wherein email got checked, people got replied to, and pixies got kinda sorta somewhat teased, but actually sitting down, not since before I did the unthinkable and got out of the house for the day. A whole lot of nothing got accomplished, though, as usual… went all over hell’s half aker getting financial crap sorted out, that took up the bulk of the day, followed immediately by grocery shopping–because I do occasionally actually do that.
We got all that out of the way, though, then went for dinner to kind of cellebrate, I guess, the fact my brother managed to pass the.. uh, physical assessment thing they do as a prerequisit for getting into the millitary. This made me realise two things. He’s actually trying to get back on his feet, and getting into a job he’ll actually enjoy, or at least not get himself fired from within 3 months. And, holy shit he’s trying to be semi-mature. I thought that impossible 6 months ago. Of course, that was when he was all unemployed and borrowing/spending more money than he had coming in, and generally being a pain in everyone’s ass. I was almost tempted to flat out ask him who the fuck he was and what the hell he did with my brother. And his girlfriend was actually conversational for a change, rather than just being all stuck-up and bitchy. Surprised the hell out of me. She may yet turn out not to be the sister-in-law everyone wants to strangle. We shall have to see about that, though. As long as they don’t end up getting married before I do, I could really care less. If they get married at all, that is. Well, okay, so I could care less either way. I think if they ever get married at all my mother’s gonna have a heart attack. He is not the marrying type… he’d have to actually settle down first. Not gonna happen. But, he hasn’t run like hell away from the possibility yet… just as long as I don’t end up an uncle within the next year. Neither one of them is in a position for that. And I’m doing all sorts of jumping all over the place here so uh, finding something else to do now.


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