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December roughly translated is holy crap it’s busy?

Between work, Christmas shopping, and the general insanity that is my life around about this time every year, not surprisingly I’ve managed a grand total of like 2.5 attempts at entries on this here blog in this here month. I finished my shopping for Christmas about a week or so before, so the only thing I had to really worry about was resisting the urge to take overtime–part of me wonders if that would have been less stressful. Aside from that, they had me doing some testing for work so I can see how much I don’t qualify for a bump up in pay grade. But the topper was over christmas. There are actually people in my family who were fooled into believing my sister-in-law had changed. Her clothes, maybe, but that’s about it.
Speaking of Christmas, though… people have got to stop hanging out inside my head. It’s unhealthy. For everyone. My parents bought me, in no particular order, a new TV, a couple cordless phones, Garth Brooks’s newest CD, a new sweater, and things I’m leaving out because i’m too lazy, don’t remember, don’t want to think, or some weird and wonderful combination of all of the above. It bordered on awesome. So I came back home yesterday, hooked up the new TV, watched part of the game (writeup on that one if I remember when I get home), and then stuck Short Circuit (another christmas gift) into the only thing we could get to play a DVD last night–my ever so kick ass computer system. Ironicly enough it was during that that I decided next year, I’m staying the hell in Ottawa. And it was before that that I decided, with a tiny bit of encouragement from Trish, that I don’t plan to be sober come new years night. Oh darn. And All I can really say is I hope 2008 is half as eventful. I couldn’t handle 2007’s equal in that department. *flops over tiredly*

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