Holy crap, Google’s everywhere.

Before Google, we had Yahoo. And back then, Yahoo was pretty much just search. They came up with the idea for hosting email as well in the mid to late 90’s–around the same time as Hotmail was born. By then, Google was still just search. Flash forward 11 years or so, and they’re everywhere. I mean, granted Yahoo is trying to catch up, and after Microsoft’s purchase of Hotmail and the advent of its own MSN/Windows Live/Bing search engine, it’s trying to play catch-up too, but Google’s still got a hell of a head start.

Now, Google runs its usual search engine. It also probably hosts your email. It hosts at least part, if not all, of your IM conversation. And, with the advent of Google Voice for those lucky enough to be able to use it, it’s become your VoIP provider. They’ve even developed their own web browser, and two operating systems–one for computers, and one for cell phones. I’ve even heard rumours they may or may not be looking into selling electricity. And now, on top of that, they’ve gone and done something only Apple’s done to this point–come out with their own phone, running their own OS. Looking at the articles–and there are several–that pretty much trumpet the launch of what they’re calling the gPhone, also known as the Nexus 1, it just randomly occured to me. Sweet Jesus, Google’s bloody everywhere. And I wouldn’t trade that. After all, my monthly popular posts post is brought to you by Google Analytics. I’m of course still running a couple others, but, as always, that one’s pulling ahead. And why not? It’s got Google all over it. Just one more thing they weren’t doing 11 years ago.


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