People suck. Landlords in particular.

Or maybe it’s just a this morning thing. I’d of posted about this yesterday when I first found out about it, but that would require reasonably functional internets. I went to do laundry yesterday morning, at like 4:00 or so (I have no idea why, other than the fact I’m back on my lack of work schedule, officially and for reals), and discovered that the usual $1.5 it costs me to actually clean my clothes wasn’t working for that particular trip. Justifiably irritated, I packed up my shit, went back upstairs, and made a note to call the landlord about it when someone was actually in the office to check the phone. In other words, today. So this morning, hoping against hope I wasn’t the only one who needed to do laundry yesterday and that someone else had called the emergency number about it (I could have lasted another day or two if need be), I went back to check. And sure enough, what’d probably been there yesterday but, you know, we can’t all see when someone’s trying to pull one over on us, was a signal the price had gone up. I found it completely by accident when I decided to try that one again. So now it’s $1.75 to actually get things sorted out that way. Which, roughly translated, means it now costs me a dollar more to do the usual amount of laundry I’ve had to do for the past year and a half or so. On top of the fact my rent’s gone up about $25 in that time. Can we say wtf, boys and girls?

It did prompt a little tiny bit of creativity during the bored that is my waiting for laundry to get done. So as of 5:30 this morning, note2landlord was created. I always figured the logic behind it can’t be too complicated. That, of course, being I’m surely not the only one who’s renting from the clueless. Join if you wanna, or don’t. I’m just tossing it out there. Because occasionally, I do that kinda thing.

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  1. Landlords have a habit of being ridiculously stupid about that sort of thing. Yeah, we’re raising prices, changing utility plans, pressure-washing and painting your building, but do they have the decency to inform their residents? Of course not.

    Sorry; I’m just a bitter rent-payer.

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