Coming up on go time, and…

… I’ve done pretty much everything but the dishes. Tears me up inside to let them go, it does. Really. Ah well, it’s not like they’re going anywhere while I’m gone, in the event I run out of time. As for right now, I’m waiting on only two things. A whole 3 sweaters to hurry up and dry already, and my wheels. As soon as I have both, she be go time. For the next two weeks or so, any further updating to this here thing will be happening from the dark side. Anyone wanting to follow my progress southwards, I’ll be trying to update my Twitter page. Trying, that is, barring technical failures that result in half my updates either not making it or mysteriously going missing shortly after making it. If you have a twitter account and want to follow me, let me know who you are in the comments and when I get to checking my email at that there other end, I’ll return the favour. As usual, IM won’t be happening. Texting or calling will have to suffice while on the road. Email when I get there. Anything else? … deal with it. Catch yall on the flip side.

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