Still alive, or at least breathing.

As anyone who’s been following the previously linked twitter page knows, I made it to Rochester in one piece on Friday. Got in at about 12:30 or quarter to 1 saturday morning, and pretty much hung out around here for a couple hours talking. We caught a few hours’ sleep, and when the actual morning got around to being here, Jessica (samari76), Tasha and I headed it into Wallmart to pick up a few things. There was some talking and generous amounts of coffee to be had, as well as your typical grocery run. We managed to pick up a lot for our use during the week, and lugged it all back here to be appropriately tossedaway. We also picked up various items for an eventual get-together at Candice’s (acorna_cat), which ended up happening later that night.

Tasha went back to her place and we flaked out here for a few hours, before we had to go over to Julie’s fiance’s place to meet up with them, and her fiance’s best man to go over wedding stuff. Or, rather, the idea *was* to go over wedding stuff, but it ended up being largely a shop talk session instead. Absolutely thrilled Jessica to no end, let me tell ya. Pizza was had, things were suggested and debated, and at about half past 8 or so we shoved off to go to the after party party at Candi’s. By this point Tasha had already been there for a while, and they’d managed to eat something too. Jess started putting together her natcho dip so we could all manage to pull off a proper dessert. She wasn’t overly thrilled with how it turned out, but it actually wasn’t as bad as she thought it was. Of course we had to spend like 5 minutes debating that, because… well, we could. There was a not entirely unreasonable amount of drinking involved, until it came around to truth or dare time (I owe you, by the way, Candice. :P). I had a feeling things were going to get interesting after that, and when we started getting into taking shots, I already had a sneaking suspicion that evening was pretty much over. Maybe an hour or two after that, Jessica was passed out where we’d be sleeping, and Candi and I were trying to convince Tasha that she was, in fact, not about to become the endless fountain of puke she’d apparently invisioned.

I was slightly buzzed, Jess was what I call sleepily drunk, Tasha was… well, Tasha, and Candi… she was done. Like wo. After we finally managed to get Tasha to calm down, the best thing for everyone to do at that point was to pass out. So that’s pretty much what we did. I didn’t move until a little after 10 or so Sunday morning, and that was only because our ride was coming to get us between then and 11 or so. When all was said and done and we were packing to leave, 3 of us had hang overs and all of us were doing some serious wtf-ing. We got back here and pretty much wrote off the rest of the day, sleeping for most of it and being barely awake for the rest. By about 8:00 we decided we’d about had enough of that, so got up and ended up ordering pizza.

By this point, we hadn’t heard anything from Tasha, and we knew Candi wasn’t gonna be doing a whole lot of being useful, so we tried getting a hold of the former. She wasn’t answering her phone, so we figured she was either still sleeping or… well… done with the world. We sat around talking for the better part of the night, and about midnight or so, decided to take a random walk just for the sake of randomly walking. So we hit up the local 711, got us a couple coke slurpees, and found ourselves somewhere to sit and talk for a bit. It was still bordering in too damn cold though, so we brought our act back to the apartment and kept on talking and generally goofing off until, oh, it must have been 7 or 8 or so before we decided to do that thing where we pass out. She got up once to try again and call Tasha, but other than that, we didn’t move until upwards of 2:00 or so. Not much was accomplished here so far; leftover pizza was finished, Jess went to class, and now we’re both just generally sitting here and doing that thing where we curse technology. At some point this week, I’m thinking I might switch out screenreaders for her, and convert her to Tech Hit‘s OutTwit plugin for Outlook and Twitter. As for now, though? … I’ll decide that when I get there. Jessica’s back from class, and looks very much like she could use a little tlc. Off to go do that and shtuff.

PS: Email is working. Sort of. IM won’t be. Deal with it.

PPS: Dear mother nature, pick a temperature already plz. I can has stability? Kthx.

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