I are here, and still kickin’ it.

There’s a very good reason why it is there’s been a decided lack of an update since, like, Thursday or Friday. That of course being that I’ve just been having way too much goddamn fun. I took off from my place as planned at 2:30 on Friday, and got to Jessica’s (samari76) about half past midnight, or there abouts. The trip itself was fairly uneventful, with the exception of one of the drivers I had getting all uppity about the usage of cell phones. I managed though to keep Jess updated about what was going on, as well as my overly paranoid family. It only took me about an hour or so to get cleared through customs, and that went with no problem whatsoever. Well, for me, anyway. Apparently when we got to the stop in Buffalow, we had one less person on the bus than we had when we left the stop in Toronto. Oopsies. I imagine Jessica was pretty well tired though, seeing as she didn’t really get a whole lot of sleep going on while I was on my way down, so we ended up sleeping in until Julie called us for a little spontanious get-together. Always fun, or so people have been telling me, anyway.

We hooked up with them at Jess’s apartment, and headed out to a local diner for lunch. Until this week, I had no idea a lunch date with friends could go all afternoon. This one did. Poor girl tried to convince me to sample some of her apparently “really awesome” garlic bread, but after finishing my own lunch there was just gonna be none of that going on. We kicked it to a local ice cream shop afterwards, and all walked outa there with shakes of varying flavours. All told, we didn’t end up actually saying goodbye to Julie and her boyfriend until somewhere in the neighbourhood of 5 or 6. That night was its own variation of interesting, too. We got home and put our feet up for a bit, before going to pick up Tasha, a girl she works with, who’d mentioned wanting to meet me and do some drinking that evening. I will say this much for the evening though. One well-mixed screwdriver should not have sent a girl like her over the edge like that. Jess and I were sort of the short order babysitters for the night after that. Apparently this girl had made a showing of telling them she had quite the tolerence for alcohol from her days in college. Which, for the record, ended not more than 2 years ago. She even kinda mentioned that to me a time or two. So when she told me she wanted a 50/50 screwdriver, I had no problem giving it to her. And she had no problem chugging half of it inside of 5 minutes and being pretty well trashed from then on. We tried to get her to take it easy, but she was having none of that. The girl needed to sober up, in a really bad way. So Jess tried to make her something to eat while I stuck around to keep face from meeting floor. Eventually, we did that, but that so wasn’t helping her case any. Eventually, she did manage to finish her first drink, actually taking her time with it this time, though she kept almost begging us to give it more alcohol. It was about that time when apparently an old boyfriend of hers chose to call her up. So now there’s her, sitting on Jessica’s coutch, and about bursting into tears right there because apparently this dood was 7 different varieties of asshole towards her. Jess was getting pissed, and well, you know me, drama and I don’t get along. So I walked over, she handed me the phone, and I hung up on him. Of course, there was the requisit flipping out, but I think she knows now it was deserved, and something she should have done without my help. I mean, sure it’s neither my or Jess’s business what’s going on, but she was invited over to have a good time, and proceeded to do anything but. And I could tell it was ruining Jess’s attempt to have a good time. Then came the endless circle of her alternating between appologising for a bag of chips that somewhere in the events of that evening ended up spilled, to appologising for crying, to talking about exactly how gone she was, telling me to promise I wouldn’t hurt Jess (um, okay?), and telling Jess to promise she wouldn’t screw it up (um, again, okay?). Throw in there every so often her just saying how she just wanted to go home and pass out, and probably do something I don’t even want to know about with a guy she has an interest in but has never actually met yet. Neither of us could really get a decent buz on that night until after she left, which she eventually did when Jess called her a cab, as well as the hotel because she *really* was in no condition to be going anywhere by herself, even if it was just to her room but she was having none of that staying here for the night business. So between the two of us we managed to get her downstairs and into the cab, then Jess told the driver where to take her because Tasha clearly didn’t have a clue. We finished our drinks after the cab pulled away, and by that point all the party mood had kind of disappeared, so we just headed for bed. And sure enough, 10 minutes after we got there, it was goodnight Jessica.

We got up fairly late the next morning as well, and again met up with Julie and her boyfriend for lunch (this one was actually planned). We wanted to check out a local hotdog place, but apparently they decided a Sunday afternoon, at the end of August, on labour day weekend, and at the start of the football season, wasn’t the ideal time to be open for business. So we checked out a local diner for the second day in a row (a different one this time, of course). And again, lunch lasted from about noon or 1-ish when Julie and company showed up to about 4 or 5 of that afternoon. Then we went back to Jessica’s apartment, Julie and her boyfriend hung out with us for another hour or so until their ride showed up, and after that we had the evening to ourselves.

Monday was the big cellebration of sorts that she wanted me down here to attend. A bunch of us got together, including Julie, her boyfriend, a much recovered from her hangover Tasha, and several other people she both worked with and was good friends with. We hit up the Cracker Barrel, where again we all ate way too goddamn much for our own good. It was very good though, and I had no problem with skipping supper that night. Neither did Jess, for that matter. We ended up grabbing something light to snack on later that evening, but mostly, we were good in that department.

Tuesday Jess ended up back at work, not that she wanted to be or anything. So I took the day to see if I couldn’t get her computer to play nice; it’d developed quite an irritatingly nasty spyware problem. I got quite a bit of it off, then broke when she came home and we sat and talked for a bit. She wanted to show me the local bbq place around here, so we kinda made a date out of it. First time since I got here we were able to actually do something on our own, which was very nice. The atmosphere was relaxing, and except for someone who had way too much alcohol and had to be walked out of the restaurant, I had a good time and I think so did she. We got back here and thought about hitting up a coffee shop, but by the time we got there it was closed. So instead, we ended up back home and just called it a night.

I have no idea what the hell we’ve got planned for tonight yet. Jess just got home now, and I’ve got her putting her feet up to get over the afternoon’s heat. We’ll probably make another try for the coffee shop we couldn’t get to yesterday, but at the moment, I think she’d be perfectly fine with just sitting here for a couple hours and eventually doing the zombie thing. As for me, now that she’s here I do believe I should actually be spending time with her. I’m learning a hell of a lot about the way things go down here though, and maybe after I get back I’jll publish some of those lessons. For right now though, I’ll just publicly acknowledge what I’ve already admitted to her. Even the rule that everything’s better in Canada has its exceptions.

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