Still around. I think.

Figured I’d break away from tradition a little bit and go *less* than a week since a fairly semi-successful string of updates before starting into the next one. Now hopefully the next one isn’t a week or six after this update. All that really ended up happening since Saturday was exactly what we were sort of expecting to happen. We ordered supper from a local place that does everything from pizza to pasta to subs to burgers to god only knows what else, and proceeded to stuff ourselves silly. Then we cracked open and killed a bottle of vanilla vodka (mixed, of course; we’re alcoholics, not suicidal). A lot of talking, generally about whatever, ended up happening that night. As well as a slow dance or few, because well, we do that kinda thing when our random selection of music decides to play something one can slow dance to. All told, Jess didn’t end up going to bed until about 6:30 or so on Sunday morning. I stayed up to finish my drink, then joined her about an hour or so later. Sunday was pretty much recovery. The only real productive thing that was done ended up being a run to the grocery store for afore mentioned things on which we were running low. Other than that, very little was done that didn’t involve cleaning house. I was eventually able to substitute JAWS for Window Eyes on this machine (Thanks, Krista (squeaky88)!). And that was about as technical asI felt like being post-alcohol. There was RP to be had, and there was recovery time to be had. And then there was this morning. Jess made her return to work, I scouted teh intarwebz for employment, which of course doesn’t exist. And now, Jess should be on her way home, so I’m gonna go do that thing where I do stuff in time for her to get here. Or something.
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