Welp, now I’ve done it.

At the beginning of the month, Jess (samari76) ended up at my place for about a week, and we promptly killed it raising hell in a few different ways all at once. So it’s only fair that we end the month with me crashing at her place for about that long. So, as of the 29th of the month, I officially skip the country until the second week of September. I’m looking forward to it, and I can tell she is as well. She’s already pretty much made a list of the people she wants to introduce me to, I swear. I got to talk to one of them tonight, and she seems nice enough. Employment things are kind of taking their sweet time to come to fruition, and I’m getting rather bored of delaying things until I hear something definite. Surely they won’t miss me for a grand total of a week and a bit. And if they do, they’ll get over it. I’ve been tossing this little getaway around in my head for a while, and just tonight decided to make it all official like. So with reference number in hand (I ordered it over the phone, because Greyhound’s website is made of fail), I check outa this here country at 2:30 on Friday. And from then until a week from that Sunday, I don’t wanna hear anything about the job market, and my employment or lack thereof. There be partying stateside, and god dammit I want in on the action. I do, after all, have to see if the rumours of some of Jessica’s people not being able to hold their alcohol are in fact true. Or something. Cell phone’ll be on me of course, but email and IM will just plain not be happening as often, if at all. Anyone who doesn’t have my cell number and wants it, hit me up before I take off. Anywho. Finishing caffinated beverage, throwing myself in the shower, and then maybe considering sleep. Tomorrow, I go postal on employment people until they give me an answer. And Friday, I do that thing where I fuck off for a week. Does today really have to only be Monday (well, technically Tuesday)?

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