Why I would never survive NaBloPoMo.

I can barely post twice consecutively in a week, never mind for the month of November. So anyone who had visions of me participating (which would make, what, one of you?), sorry. But if I can get over it, surely you can too.

In completely unrelated news, last weekend was way way awesome. Friday was spent hanging at Trish’s place for the evening, doing absolutely squat. Shooting the shit, and barbecuing burgers, which were rather thoroughly enjoyed. I got back in time to talk for a bit with Jessica (samari76), as per usual, and then promptly fell right the hell into bed. Saturday was rainy, a little chilly, and a lot lazy. Until later that evening, when Trish, her husband and I kicked it to Absolute Comety for what should have been an awesome time. It actually wasn’t all that bad, all told. We ended up seeing Kevin Gasior, Tod Van Allen”> (odd, google didn’t bring this up on the proper spelling of his name… stupid search engine), and Frank Spadone, who were actually pretty good. Though we all kinda decided the first two were better than Frank, who sadly was our headliner. Ah well, whatcha gonna do? We only had maybe two complaints about the whole night, which isn’t really all that bad, considering what could have gone wrong and didn’t. The place was jam packed beyond fucking belief, to the point where you were afraid to sneeze lest you twitch the wrong way and smack the guy behind you in the back of the head. And you didn’t dare have to go to the bathroom, as doing so would have required at least 3 other people needing to get up and out of your way just so you could leave your seat. So the smart majority either tried real hard to go before the show started, or waited until after when they could breathe again. Still, all in all it wasn’t that bad for $12.

Sunday was pretty much a lazy day, spent either relaxing or talking to Jess. The rest of the week was pretty much devoted to job hunting. And coming up empty, I might add. I fired off a few more applications to temp agencies, but so far they haven’t called me back either. Go figure. Yesterday was pretty much written off with large thanks to the headache from hell, which I’ll still trade you your sniffles for, Caroline (kittytech)! And today, well. Unless you count sorting out the biggest tangle of Linux updates *ever*, it was pretty well close to boring as hell. But, y’know. That’s me. Job hunting will continue later on tonight, probably after I get back from Trish’s place (we’re doing that halloween thing tonight, and she’s decided to pick me up in about half an hour or so. So I’d better get me dressed. Cell phone won’t be on my person, as it’s deader than dead and I’m not looking for the charger.

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