*twitchy twitchy*

Well, it’s official. One day down, one to go, and i only have a slightly
smallish twitch in one eye. Not bad, considering a lot of trips home
usually result in stress up the wazu. So far though, things seem to be
going about as well as they could be. I pulled in here about 8:30 or so
last night, and Trish and the husband hung around for the better part of
an hour or so. Their dog, pictures of whom will make it to the LJ at
some point when I’m sure Trish won’t shoot me for it, pretty much did
circles around me, mom, and everyone else playing with our other 3 muts.
Today was pretty much spent being all manner of lazy until about 11:30
or so when I finally haulled my ass out of bed. Dad had gone to bring
mom a coffee, so while he was out he brought back breakfast for me.
Good, since I was so not in any kind of mood to put forth the effort
required to actually find something. Then we went to say hello to the
grandparents, and to pick up some flee medication for the 4-legged ones
since aunt Holly had called over earlier this morning all cautious like
after finding out from the vet that her dog had flees. And, since that
mut’s been over here a time or 6 with her, we figured it couldn’t hurt.
Then we came back here, I unburied myself from email, and fired off an
application or two for yet more jobs. STill nothing on that front, but
I’m not suicidal yet. Murderous, but not suicidal. And now, supper’s
about ready to be done, so ’tis time that I go drag my lazy self
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  1. it’s worth a shot

    don’t know if this canhelp, nor how muchyou love job sites lke career builder and the like. but: snagajob.com I don’t know if they do Canada stuff but maybe if you decide to move to the states you could find one. Hope that helps somewhat. Later

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