Twitchy Mcflale and such.

New day, new routine, same old habbits. Except I actually remembered this thing two days in a row. Bloody miracle, that. Aunt Holly and queen Dramatus Persona are over here now, shooting the shit with mom in the kitchen. I was out there for a bit, but came in here to see a mailbox about a job application. Still nothing on that front, but I are not surprised. I did drop a line in to Employment Ontario with the intention of getting something set up so they can possibly help cover costs for courses, that way I can go get me some education during my extended and so far indefinite vacation. It only got me as far as pick a day, bring a resume, and bother the Ottawa office for an assessment, but it’s something. So now we just have to figure out when the hell I can get in to do that. It more than likely won’t end up being Friday. Not if we’re going with aunt Holly, at any rate. She’s got an appointment for a consultation for her weakening eyes, and god only knows how long that’ll take. The place keeps some unusual hours (what government office closes at 2:00 in the afternoon, for christ’s sake), so it’s almost one of those things you have to specificly intend to drop by while in town, or you’ll never make it there. Mom’s still trying to suggest I should look for something here, either a course or a job or something, and just stay here during the week. Thanks, mom, but no. Really, no. I pay 770 or so dollars a month for an apartment. I’m not gonna spend in the neighbourhood of 2 days out of 7 at the most in said apartment and the rest of that time here. Nice place to visit, but no way in hell I’m willingly living here again.

In unrelated news, there is no unrelated news. We thought we might have plans today, and instead we have company. So I suppose I should probably consider wandering back in that general direction. I need more coffee anyway.

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  1. families

    So it’s not just my family who’s like oh you have your own place? Wow awsome would you like to spend the night/week/month? It’s like this I moved out because I wanted out not wbecause I wanted back in. lol family! got to love them!

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