Update of the mom variety.

While I try to ignore the ass kicking we’re most likely to receive tonight, for the curious, have an update. Mom’s recovering faster than I thought she would, considering the surgery she had. A bit over a week since the operation, and she’s already up and moving a lot easier than she was when she came home. We’re doing a lot more walking the last couple days; she went with me to take the muts on a rather lengthy spin around the block this morning, then did a bit of running around with aunt Holly while I cleared a few things up at the apartment. They still don’t expect her to be fully recovered until December, but she’s making nice progress anyway. By next week she should be able to drive again, which should help us both a little. She’s got a follow-up for next week to see exactly how well she’s healing. Not much longer after that, and she might be able to get rid of me. In the meantime, I think I’ll go watch this implosion.

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