No news is… well, not bad, I guess.

Still no word on the interview with Dell that’s been put on hold for nearly a month now. At least, nothing concrete that says it’s going through… apparently they’re still ironing out a couple details. *shrugs* I dunno. I keep regular contact with the guy so at worst he’ll just agree to get it over with so I’ll stop harassing the royal hell out of him. I fired off a couple more applications today, though, so in case that one falls through one of those *should* get me at least a callback. Should. In theory. At least I’d hope so anyway. Fortunately most of what I’m applying for is tech support type positions, so what I don’t already know they’ll probably train into me before they actually turn me loose, assuming it even gets that far. The only solid guarantee at this point is I’ll be leaving Pembroke. Where I’ll be moving to, though, is entirely up in the air, dependant on what pans out from these applications. Ideally, I’d like to stay in Ontario, so the likely places to move are probably Ottawa, Toronto, or London… maybe Guelf, but that’s probably stretching it a little. I could probably get away with moving elsewhere if the situation gets desperate enough, I’d just rather not. I’d like to actually know people if I’m gonna be moving anywhere, and well, any friends I used to have outside of Ontario mostly had millitary families as well, so probably aren’t even around anymore. Not to mention that whole being out on their own thing people tend to like to do about now. Anywho, my fingers are officially getting tired after those applications, so ’tis time I did something that didn’t involve a computer for a bit. Probably post something later on.. like another job application. Or a quiz. But probably another application. Someone hire me before I go postal.


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  1. You could move to Edmonton – we’re cool. And there’s this fancy new Dell facility thing being built here. Not to mention the fact that you can’t walk a block without tripping over at least four ‘Help Wanted’ signs. Lots of geeks, lots of fun! *grin*

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