Lazily dead tuesday.

It’s official. Somebody’s been smiling on us up and over here. I’m on lunch for another 10 minutes or so, and thanks largely to the call that just wouldn’t end, I also have a break coming to me about half an hour after I get off said lunch. I ended up ordering a couple subs last night; that whole being too lazy to microwave anything, and all that. One became lunch today, and damn. Even refridgerated it’s awesome. I’ll say this for local eats. Georgie’s Pizza may kinda suck at the whole pizza making thing, someone over there can put together a good sub. They officially rival Subway. Yay for rivaling subway!

… I had a point when I started this entry. It ran away from me. I think it had something or another to do with it being quieter than usual again today, and tomorrow being my last full day here. Yeah, that’s gotta be it. Or something.

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