Insanity: my life summarized.

A whole shitload’s happened since I last had time to breathe, let alone post here, so I’ll try to squeeze it all into the half hour I have to write before my shift starts. Lessee… where to start.

  • It would have been so much less confusion with a phone call. But, o’course, Purolator doesn’t think quite that far in advance. So they showed up with one of my presents to me from me on Saturday morning, presumeably between 9 and 10. When, of course, I was already on my way here. Which meant now I had to reschedule the delivery. Good job, morons.
  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. An average of 30 minutes of downtime may be boring, but one call after another non-stop except lunch break and meetings? Brutality. All manner of brutality. Breathing time would be awesome.
  • And again, at least one bus driver needs to be educated on how to follow instructions. I think I end up getting dropped off at the wrong stop more often than not lately. Ah well, on the up side if it happens a couple more times, I’ll be able to walk home from any nearby stop on Baseline.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, even if you do not like the Bare Naked Ladies’ music, go to one of their concerts. Tickets for the Wednesday night show cost me $60 a pop before taxes, and I’m telling you right now the crap that went on between songs was pretty damn near worth the money by itself. Or maybe that’s just because they made fun of Ottawa a little. That’s always good in my books.
  • And again, to the individual(s) who decided to turn off my hot water, can you pretty pretty please go right to hell? Thank you and goodbye.

There was more, but I forget. If I think of it later it’ll get posted. Maybe.

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2 responses to “Insanity: my life summarized.”

  1. hahaha, enjoyed that one.
    And, I thought they fixed your hot water? so you said last night, was it? no wait, night before. meh, I’m sick so am not with it. no comments from the peanut gallery, please.

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