An uncharacteristicly non-ranty entry.

According to almadefortitude, almost every entry on my LJ is a rant of some sort. So I shall now disprove that theory by pointing out first that I have absolutely nothing to rant about. 😛 Well, yet. It’s actually rather dead in general, both online and off, it looks like. I actually have time to breathe between calls as is rather oddly becoming the norm, the flist isn’t nearly as active as usual, and for link dump material, I still got nothin’. I’m actually getting dangerously close to bored. Which if you’re me, could get very bad, very quickly. On the positive side, less than an hour and a half and I can start walking to the bus stop for my hour and a bit ride home. I can keep myself amused between calls enough for an hour and a half methinks. And if not, there’s always extra caffeine. Yay planning ahead! … I don’t do this random writing because I can thing very well on Mondays. I stop now.


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