The old job, 4 months later.

They shut down the Ottawa office at the end of June, and now in its latest attempt at saving money, Dell’s asking the employees that are still there if they maybe kinda sorta wouldn’t mind helping themselves to some unpaid time off. Now, uh, I’m just as shakey about this slow economy business and the effect it has on creating new jobs as the next guy. But good jesus criminy, this “oh, just take a week off and let us not pay you, it’s good for you” crap has to go. Like wo. I’m tellin’ ya, if yall didn’t make some pretty rock solid machines (I’ve been sitting in front of this one for coming on 2 years now), I’d be a whole lot more pissed off than I already am. Of course, if I don’t soon get hired somewhere I’m probably gonna be anyway. But in that case it would be Dell’s own fault.

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