So I ended up crawling out of bed at about 7:30. No big thing. Threw lunch together and got here in plenty of time to be half an hour late. I will, undoubtedly, make it up at some point this week. I did learn what time I have to be here though for the returning of things that belong not to me and the picking up of a severence package that does belong to me. Fortunately it’s not ’til 11:00 on friday. Unfortunately, it means I’m not doing a whole lot of sleeping in if the plan is to bus there and back. Sigh. Well, on the positive-ish side, I can do a little tiny bit of sleeping in. I may be inclined, though, to just cab it there and back. Or something. And then promptly go back to bed. For now, though, I pay me some attention to this here call. Anyone want a computer illiterate person who has no clue how to tell me if he’s in Windows or not?


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