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Random distractions are random, and other assorted bits.

It’s official as of an hour ago. Jess made it to the bus station in one piece. We got there about noon, and roughly half an hour later she was boarding. We stuck around long enough to see she got off alright, then it was go time. Of course, it wouldn’t be a family outing if we didn’t spend most of it procrastinating. Enter the obligatory stop at Costco.

We managed to kill the better part of an hour there, just browsing and picking up a few things. Bright side: I got to demonstrate that geeky son is geeky. Dad’s been looking for a new laptop, so we took a walk through laptop central, which consisted of a small handful of units, some of which I promptly steered him very far away from. We didn’t end up buying one, unfortunately, but I do believe he got plenty of education. And for free, even.

After that, we finally got the hell out of Ottawa, stopping for lunch in Armprier at a local truck stop there. That chopped off another hour. Now, it’s go time for real; this car won’t stop until we hit my apartment. Which is more than I can say for the line of cars 8 km long we just drove past going the other direction. All told, I think this was a productive week. There were more than enough surprises for the both of us, and plenty of fun to go around. Already, we’re talking about my going down there for an engagement party. If it goes anything like the last week, I may need to sleep it off for a few days. And, if it’s anything like last week, it’s going to be awesomely worth it. We’re closing in on Pembroke, so if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go lose consciousness now.

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