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On random bits of lazy, and whatever else shows up.

I actually managed to sleep in today, for like the first time since I got here… got up at about 9:30, give or take. Or, rather, got woken up at 9:30 by my father’s dust mop deciding to stick its tongue as far up my nose as it could possibly go *(). Rolled out of bed a couple minutes later, and the thing decided now that I was up and mobile, he’d go back to sleep. Bastard. I did some more looking for work, and absolutely no applying for such things today. For the right now, the currently available selection of jobs in my field that I haven’t already applied for rather blows huge. Now, the plan is pretty much to stick around here and see what happens, I think. Mom and dad went to the bank to sort out mortgage stuff while I was sleeping, and according to them it’s minus too damn cold out again (**), so the likelyhood of me doing, like, anything that involves leaving the house today is, well, yeah. Not happening. Or at least not happening sober. If I’m drunk enough, I won’t notice or care that my various extremeties are a minute and a half from freezing off. Not that I had anything that I needed to leave the house to do at this particular moment, but minor details.

Unrelated, but that’s the theme of the month today, I’ve been playing an online baseball game for the last couple months, Sim Dynastysilly-singer), they have your stupid freakin’ Redsocks. Not that they’re doing any better in the league I’m in (***) than they did in real life in those days, but ah well. A craptastical team’s a craptastical team, in any reality. Speaking of reality, I guess I aught to get back to mine. Maybe see if we’re actually doing anything today that requires I be semi-coherent and involved.

(*) A dog that size should be trained not to lick. Tiny tongues are lethal as hell.
(**) -26 last I heard. Before anything resembling a wind chill. Mother nature, please to be dying in a grease fire.
(***) The rules for the game are based on those from 1950 or so, including the use of a pitcher in the batting order as opposed to a designated hitter. None of the players though are supposed to be historically accurate; it *is* after all, still a game. Sorry, but the only Babe Ruth I’ve seen is a right fielder who couldn’t hit to save his life.

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