This is not a blog post.

Well, okay, not really. This is more a “hey, this still exists” post. There’s at least one update coming, plus a backposting of a piece of follow-up work written and drafted by shane. But this is not it. Busy is the name of the game so far–not the least of the busy is this whole moving thing, plus that still looking for work thing. But, there’s an update coming. Just… not today. Sorry.

Random thought from the cell phone.

Tim Horton’s officially offers debit as a payment method. They announced it as new. No one tell them it’s been around since I was in highschool at the very least, kay?

Also: I don’t even live in the US and I’m sick of hearing about Sarah Palin’s latest attempt at literacy. My American readers, my deepest condolences.

The thing about family in recovery…

… Is you’re almost always greeted with a full house. The kitchen was packed for about 5 hours or so last night. My uncle, his girlfriend and her daughter dropped in. Then, the brother dropped by with Aiden this afternoon. Happiest I’ve seen mom in a long time. Awesome. Now, maybe I can invent time to breathe.

A small note to Emoze.

I am currently not near anything remotely resembling traditional internet access. This is not, therefore, a good time to fail. Please to be ceasing and desisting immediately.

No love, Geek with little patience tonight

A note to email spammers everywhere.

I don’t think you need to be sending 15 emails to my phone in the span of 24 hours. Particularly when I had no idea this number translated to an email address. Thanks for pointing that out to me. Now kindly cease and desist.

No love, Me

PS: Every single one of the offending emails came via hotmail. And me without a blacklist option. Thanks for that, Rogers. Seriously.

there is an update coming.

This thing, however, is little more than a random passing thought. Evenings spent with family, Jessica and awesome food are for the epic win. Now, then. I was going to be stuffed. Exploding, now.

Sent by emoze push mail

Selling my soul to At&t. Twice.

About 3 weeks into a 4-week stay in Rochester, I finally decided I didn’t feel like getting run past the point of broke by Rogers. This prompted me to bite the bullet and deal with its slightly less evil twin. So I called up At&t and decided on their pay as you go job.

The easy part of getting set up with them was actually unlocking the phone. Once I found a site who’s payment system wasn’t broken (it only took two tries), it was just a matter of paying the boys and sitting pretty. Couple days later, I had a Nokia E71 unlock code, and had the carrier restriction removed on the first go. The fun part came later.

Rogers didn’t just buy At&t out in Canada, but I think they learned from them how to make things difficult for potential new customers. Since I already had a compatible phone, the sim card was all they needed to send me. Good thing, considering what I ended up having to tapdance around to get it.

Apparently, At&t doesn’t like those of us who have the unmitigated gall to order their service without a US creditcard. Fortunately, I don’t leave home without backup, and this time was no different. I was able to put the whole $5 on Jessica’s card, which got me around that part of the restriction.

The next part, the actual activation of the service, required a touch more creativity. Because of the above mentioned issue with their payment system not liking billing addresses that aren’t in the US, I needed to borrow one. Seeing as I all but live here when I’m on this side of the border, I used this one. And, because the Royal Bank of Canada is made of win, it only took 3 painless steps.
1: Call up the bank, change my address temporarily to match this apartment.
2: Call up At&t, give them my creditcard info complete with new address and zipcode.
3: Change the address back to my Canadian one, and laugh at At&t.

It’s convoluted, and more than a little headache inducing if you aren’t quite sure of which hoops to jump through–kind of like another cell phone company we all know and love. But I didn’t need to reach for the tylenol or the vodka, so we’re making progress. I’m now not afraid to pick up the phone and risk my soul to Rogers. I’ll just sell half of it to the guys they bought out in Canada instead. Enjoy it, At&t. I’ll need that back eventually.

Leaving on a jet plane.

Ok, so it’s a bus instead of a plane. I’m still very well on my way. After Jess headed back home a couple weeks ago, we got to talking about my next visit. The plan, or what we’ll just call the plan, was to eventually get a bunch of our friends on her side of the border together for an engagement party of sorts. The next thing I knew, I had a piece of paper in hand that entitled me to a bus ticket.

Now, a month after the proposal, I’m sitting on the Toronto bound leg of my almost random road trip. And I’m still not used to the whole fiance deal. Oh well. I have ages to get there. In the meantime, so long, Canada. See you in two weeks.

PS: All y’all up in Rochester? Save me some booze. If we’re gonna get crazy, one of us won’t be sober.

Random distractions are random, and other assorted bits.

It’s official as of an hour ago. Jess made it to the bus station in one piece. We got there about noon, and roughly half an hour later she was boarding. We stuck around long enough to see she got off alright, then it was go time. Of course, it wouldn’t be a family outing if we didn’t spend most of it procrastinating. Enter the obligatory stop at Costco.

We managed to kill the better part of an hour there, just browsing and picking up a few things. Bright side: I got to demonstrate that geeky son is geeky. Dad’s been looking for a new laptop, so we took a walk through laptop central, which consisted of a small handful of units, some of which I promptly steered him very far away from. We didn’t end up buying one, unfortunately, but I do believe he got plenty of education. And for free, even.

After that, we finally got the hell out of Ottawa, stopping for lunch in Armprier at a local truck stop there. That chopped off another hour. Now, it’s go time for real; this car won’t stop until we hit my apartment. Which is more than I can say for the line of cars 8 km long we just drove past going the other direction. All told, I think this was a productive week. There were more than enough surprises for the both of us, and plenty of fun to go around. Already, we’re talking about my going down there for an engagement party. If it goes anything like the last week, I may need to sleep it off for a few days. And, if it’s anything like last week, it’s going to be awesomely worth it. We’re closing in on Pembroke, so if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go lose consciousness now.

Small note to @twitter.

Twitter, you’re awesome. Brilliant, in your own way. But, please, for the love of god, stop failing. I haven’t seen my mentioneds in two days, and I know you’ve gone hours without showing me anything else. And that’s just Today. Fix yourself, now, for crying out loud.

No love,

PS: this includes whatever you did to the API limit. Again, stop failing.

My thing against Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods is an awesome golfer. No doubt he’s already found himself a spot on the history pages next to that other awesome golfer man. Good for him. Now, here’s the problem. Ever since he got caught in someone else’s bed, it sort of seems we hear more about him now than before.

The guy just got a marital slapdown of the highest order. He just paid out 750 million dollars in a divorce settlement. And if he sneezes the wrong way off the field, and sometimes on it, he gets twice as many cameras stuck in his face.

My only problem with Tiger is there’s way too bloody much of him. He’s still a great golfer. He’s still a legendary figure among his fans. And he still isn’t any more or less a jerk for what he did to his family than anyone else. Turn off the damn cameras already. Let the man do his thing. Let the golf specific media and fans follow him around if they choose to; meanwhile, don’t we have a politician to take a crack at ruining? Hey at least that hasn’t been overdone. Oh, wait. Nevermind.

Family happenings are amusing.

The older Aidan gets, the more hilarious thing end up being. He’s starting to develop a bit of a temper, but he’s at least not taking it too seriously yet. He’s shot up a fair bit since I posted pictures last. There are more coming when I get home.

There’s almost always something going on at the family household. mockery and other silly shananigans are the norm; they’ve always been so. Lately they’ve been pretty baby centric. Still, they served their purpose. I’m stuffed, we’re slightly less than sober, and there’s a local derry stop in our immediate future. Can’t go wrong with that.

Things I learned tonight, in non-html list format:
1: Derry Queen may have nifty commercials, but local, small town places own your soul.
2: Never do something like this on the first hot day in three weeks. Unless you have a love affair with lineups. They’ll be huge.
3: Random Jeff Foxworthy quotes while in line? Awesomeness.
4: Everybody knows everybody else. You will learn this whether you want to or not. And you will be reminded while enjoying your evening out, whether you like it or not.
5, related to dinner time shananigans: One should probably not be seen to aspire to be just like your grandson. Particularly your 8-month-old grandson. Explanations to come with the pictures.

Good times were had by all. Now, I go explode.

And in testing out email posting…

I learn either Outlook, or WordPress, does not like certain HTML structures. Probably should have known that already, but this is me we’re talking about–I have a nasty habbit of becoming clueless. Therefore, have another test of the email posting system. Why? Because I’m kind of praying a plain text email does a little bit better than its HTML counterpart. I could also just restrict my email posting to the blog to not using Outlook, but… No. Hell, I live there anyway.

Have a test post. By email.

I have this thing against trying to maneuver the blog’s administrative backend via my phone, what with Rogers having apparently decided doing so on their wireless network just isn’t going to happen. So, assuming lack of breakage on the part of various things just implemented, email posting is now an option on this site. It means absolutely nothing to anyone reading it, but it means more on demand mocking from the guy writing it. Okay, so maybe that means something to everyone else, too. I’ve mailed entries in before in other reincarnations of the blog. Now, I’ll be able to do it less… well, complicatedly. Unless it breaks–then things get downright messy. But I’ll deal with that later. Tonight, lazyness takes priority.

Things I learn while going back home.

My cousin officially has a more eclectic music collection than I could ever dream up. Example: we went from the bangles to ghetto superstar on the same cd. And then back to the older music. We just left Pembroke, so should probably be there somewhere between midnight and oh god it’s early. Apparently I have me a meme or two to catch up on when I finally get around to spending time at the computer. To those of you who put them there for me to catch up on: I hate you all at the moment. Mostly because I’m just way too fucking lazy half the time. Ooh, look. Cobdon. A sign I’ve been writing too long. I’m gone.

A little browsing never hurt anyone.

Okay, my last entry was rather less than specific. We ended up getting up at about 8 or so this morning, and just kinda futzed around for the majority of the morning. Decided at 11 that we’d go for breakfast. An hour and a bit later, we were finally fed and took off for the requisit 2.5 hours of shopping. I don’t care how long it is between visits, I will never be used to the whole shopping thing. I did break down and buy me an air conditioner. Now I just havf to bother to set the thing up. Or be motivated. And now the phone’s deciding it wants to die at me. And oh god, the mother thing’s experimenting with a new route to her place. I may not be insured for this…


Standing outside, wayting for my ride to Pembroke. And it’s about time… My last call tried to redefine suck. Note to Charter Communications: if I can do your job better than you can, somebody needs a retraining. And I don’t think it’s me.

Because it’s just that damn cute.

The adoreable. It hurts. And if I couldn’t post by email, I so would forget to do this. Now I just have to remember to stick my tags in here before I go type crazy. Ah well. That’s why I’m still in front of my computer. Well, that and because they wanna make me work.