A tiny little note to IE 8.

I know when you were released, you were defective as the day is long. I also know after several updates, you haven’t gotten a whole lot better. But could I convince you to, just for half an hour, not crash on every second or third website I attempt to open? Yes, even if the machine you’re on looks like it came from the spare parts from several les fortunate machines. That would be hugely appreciated. Alternatively, I could spend the next hour fighting to uninstall you and risk having the geeky son versus non-geeky parent conversation. However, since I lack the patience for that conversation, please stop screwing me over.

Die in a fire,

PS: Your “website restore error”? Not very helpful. Also, IE 7 handles the exact same websites without problem. Granted, it’s not on a frankenputer, but still. Stop with the ultimate failure. It’s for your own safety.

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