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Do I have terrorists for readership, or something?

Every month or so, I’ll try and share a random entry from the past, hopefully with some relevance to whatever my current mindset is at the time. This one, though, there’s just no making relevant to any particular situation. Unless you’re an extremist with an agenda that involves being fired and/or arrested. Which, I think, a fair few people who find this little happy place I call the online representation of my mind just so happen to have. Last August, out of complete and total boredom, I came across a news article about someone who got pissed off at work and decided he’d mail bomb them. And since I posted that entry, an aweful lot of people have wound up here searching for that or similar terminology and subsequently landing on that page. And… all I really have to say about that is, if yall get arrested, I’m so not going with you. I like my cushy job right where I am, thankyamuch. And speaking of my cushy job, back to it I go.

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