In which James fails at updating. Again.

For that, I’m going to blame the fact there hasn’t been much on a personal front to actually post about. things are still awesome, except for that whole job market not really existing thing, but they keep saying it’ll fix itself and I keep throwing applications in random directions. But, really, it’s been pretty low key on the home front after the episode with my former web host, DreamHost–I’m still developing that entry, I swear. With things settling down, though, I have time for random search mockery. And random other mockery to be done later. But, rather than waste an entry just for that, have this.

Jul 16 2am: greyhound pissed me off

Oh, yes, yes they did. And occasionally, still do. It really and truely deserves its own category.

Now. Where’d I put that popular posts thinggy from, oh, 2 weeks ago?

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