This unholy mess brought to you by odd hours, and where the hell’s my caffeine?

Here I go blowing it on the not blogging thing again. I coulda swore I had a reminder pasted around here somewhere to prevent it–unless Lacey ate it when I wasn’t looking. Speaking of Lacey, and we were, goddammit, she’s fitting in just fine over here. Had to reinforce a bit of basic training with her yesterday after a pretty significant pup distraction issue, but other than that, she’s coming along quite nicely. My attempt at college, though, isn’t doing quite so well–but that gets an entry on its own, possibly after I’ve had sleep. Or caffeine. Other things that’ll get brought up may or may not include vague references to pornstars. And a moving type thing–yes, again, but this time, we’ve found the place of awesome. Also my tweeting habbits have changed. Well okay, not the habbit–just the method. There’s reasons. They’ll be an entry. Oh, and because it’s not WTN without mockery, and since I love mocking folks who abuse the DMCA–there’s a mockery thinggy incoming. Namely, one aimed at me. But that’s also going to get an entry of its own. So why this one? Because, hey, I’ve gotten as many as 30 visitors to this thing just by writing nothing. Let’s see what this does.

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