Did Lacey really do it?

So everyone by now should be aware of the fact that there’s a cute adorable puppy named Lacey here right? Wrong.

That horrible person over here named James does not know how to write about the important people in his life you see. So lets take care of that now. Stop, change the page and go right over here and read about what James fails to tell you about.

Not to mention I’m just so much better.

Ok, back to business.

So a couple of days ago James discovers a wet spot on the floor and you know what that means?

Yep, that Lacey struck again, *growls*

But wait, was it really Lacey? Some people say James really did it and blamed the poor dog that was currently sleeping in her crate.

Then to make matters worse he tried to kill me. That horrible beast! He sprayed loads of air freshener to try and cover the smell and me me have to close the room door and bury my head under my pillow and blanket. *sighs*. I mean he knows I have chemical sensitivities. What was he thinking?

Wait, never mind don’t answer that. James thinking, hell would freeze over!

So, what is your vote? Did Lacey pee on the floor or was it James?

May, James better half

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