Another day, another nickle.

And already I’m wondering where Friday is. Though this time, it’s primarily due to the fact yesterday was dead as a goddamn doornail, and there’s more people coming in today than there were yesterday which means even more dead time. It’s a real good thing I’m getting paid to sit on my ass and escentially cruise teh intarwebz, because otherwise I’d probably be spending a whole lot less time online than I have been of late. Which… might actually prompt certain individuals to hit me repeatedly with various blunt and heavy objects, but y’know. Welp, speaking of that thing what pays me, time to move my fat lazy ass in that general direction. I don’t care how old I am, or how good the job, or how big the paycheck. James is not a morning person. James will not be a morning person. Cope.

2 responses to “Another day, another nickle.”

    • I just don’t feel like moving. I could grab an hour of sleep or I could grab 6, and when 5:00 rolls around I still half roll out of bed cursing my work schedule. If I didn’t have evenings to relax and yack at people…

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