Yahoo doesn’t suck as bad for accessibility now.

I don’t know how new this is, but after trying to create a group to replace the less than maintained one I’ve been a member of for a while, I ran into that damnable Yahoo captcha with absolutely no audio or other alternative whatsoever. Except apparently, there is.

Hello James,

Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Groups.

We appreciate your patience, James. I have verified your account, and have set it so that you should no longer encounter the word verification box when joining or creating Yahoo! Groups.

And, according to the fact I’ve managed to successfully do so, I dare say for the time being, it actually works. I now go pick my jaw up off the floor.

  1. well James, that is very nice, James. I wonder, James, do you think they’d do the same thing for me, James?

    1. Not if you ask them as mockingly as you’re commenting here, dear. Though you’re welcome to try. LOL

      1. now James,
        whatever gives you the idea that I’m mocking you, James? You know I’d never do that, James, and you’ve just broken my little heart, for what it’s worth, which I am sure isn’t very much, James.

        It’s gas oven time for me now, James and it’s all your fault, James.

        1. You fail at this whole pity thing. Stop. Just… stop.

  2. wow.. pretty cool, How did you get them to do that for you?

    1. Apparently, the URL they refer you to if you can’t see the varification image is actually semi-useful.

  3. You are not the only person that has done that. More and more people are able to do this. I ust haven’t gottenaround to request the same for me, since audio captcha is worse to handle for a deafblind person like myself.

  4. Wow, regardless of how long it might have taken, that’s impressive. Nobody ever responds to my e-mails about accessibility issues. Perhaps I’m to nice?

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