Somebody please explain Occupy $city to me?

I’ve been seeing over the last few weeks reports on the formation of protest groups known as Occupy $city, where $city is Wall Street, Toronto, Austin etc. So far, I’ve heard a different reason every time a member of one of these groups is interviewed–some are protesting capitalism, some are protesting corporate greed, some are protesting too much government, some are protesting too little government. I just have a very impressive one question, and I haven’t found an answer yet. What, exactly, is the point? So far, the only thing these groups seem to have in common is interfering with trafick and pissing off people who otherwise would have had no involvement with them. I get that in most civilized countries the right to protest is a given, but wouldn’t it make sense to have a common goal/reason/etc? Right now, I’m not seeing one. Who wants to enlighten me? I got nothin’.

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