Doing the firefox thing. Finally.

I have absolutely no browser loyalty, whatsoever. I guess I haven’t had it for quite a few years now. For the most part, I’d use Internet Explorer–mostly because it was the default choice when I’d click on something and I didn’t particularly feel like changing it. But I kept Firefox around anyway, for those few occasions where something would come up that IE just wouldn’t play nice with. Or, more recently, in the event I came across a site employing CAPTCHA technology, which sadly neither browser’s come up with a built-in answer for yet. Recently though, meaning just this afternoon, I’ve decided it’s been a while since I did any real major playing with firefox. They’ve made a hell of a lot of improvements, or so the various sites who take note of such things have said, and I wanted to see for myself. So, as of right now and for at least the next couple days, IE gets kicked to the curb in favour of the open source alternative. It may only be a couple days–I haven’t quite decided yet. So far, it does seem to be running a little better on this machine, so it might stick around for longer than that. If nothing else, it’s a temporary break from staring at IE all day. Yeah, I know, you people who’ve been using it forever already can laugh now. I never said I was quick to change.


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