Why IE 8 is crap, in list format.

Because the few major problems it has need no explanation, have an increasingly rare list format rant. The target? That thing Microsoft would like to call an improved browser.

  • The browser crashes more in one day than Windows ME ever did in a week. I’d know–I’ve used both.
  • Websites I can access just fine in IE 7, or in firefox, break IE 8. Badly.
  • IE 8’s ability to restore tabs on a crash? Absolutely useless–it fails more than it succeeds, leading me to need to fight with it to get back to where I was and pray it doesn’t crash again anyway.
  • Its “fast search” functionality? Yeah, crashes at least once per restart. Fail.
  • It really makes me wish my parents’ computer, which is currently running IE 8–I’m fixing that the next time I’m over there, wouldn’t threaten to fall over every time I want to install something new. I’d be going Firefox in a real hurry over there if it didn’t.

Yes, IE 8 is on my parents’ computer. I have no idea who put it there–this one’s at least running 7, and it’s actually more stable. When next I have a couple hours, IE 8 is going to find itself taken out back, sat in the middle of the lawn, and shot. Call it a mercy killing–my mercy. There are rumours IE 9’s around the corner. I hope to God it handles itself better than 8. For its own sake.

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