Use IE 6? Use Google? Not for long.

Just about everyone who watches this kinda thing’s been reporting that as of the beginning of March, Google’s officially going to shut down IE 6 support for its services. You’re strongly encouraged–well, by them anyway–to use that as an opportunity to give their new web browser a try. IE 6.0 hasn’t been supported directly by very many for quite a while–since the initial release of IE 7, really. Microsoft almost immediately dropped support for it, and now more and more sites are cropping up that strongly recommend you upgrade. If you’re a frequent user of Gmail and company, if only because your performance will benefit hugely from it, I’d strongly recommend you either consider installing IE 7 or 8, or even do what I recently did and give Firefox a shot. It’s good for your health. Or, at least, Google says it is.


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